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why sammlung dichter (dichter collection)?

it was very important for us to get the founders of this first retail store (dichter manufactory) in the suburbs of vienna into the picture for the finish of our series of exhibitions (retail store may 2006 – museum sep. – nov. 2006). with this presentation of the sammlung dichter, the more than 100 year old story of this building comes to an end. we have come full circle. furthermore, the catalogue (german/english), coming out next year, will make the many-layered story of this building and its inhabitants known beyond the 16th district of vienna. (see invitation: ernest dichter, walter arlen born dichter, edith arlen-wachtel born dichter. the little girl is edith, in 1927. she took a train in 1938 to leave this beautiful country where freedom of press is so important.)
there are also plans to establish a kind of memorial (german/english) in honour of the dichter family in the new building to pass on something of the rich past to further inhabitants.

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